Best way to record who joined a computer in a particular OU to the domain?

Hi All,

After a few small, but good wins today, seems I have hit a wall again. I am looking to create a Fixlet which finds all computers in the Computers OU of a particular domain. Below is the relevance I am looking to use for this, however Computers Objects I know to be in this OU are coming back false;

(it as uppercase contains "OU=COMPUTERS,DC=DOMAIN,DC=COM") OF (distinguished name of local computer of active directory)

The action script I am then looking to apply would like to have would need to determine what username was used to join these computer objects to the domain. Not even sure what the best way of doing this is. As far as I am aware the only place this is recorded is in the Security Logs on the PDC (assuming auditing is turned on). These logs will also eventually be cycled, so I imagine in time the joining username is lost?

Assuming the above to be correct, best way I can think is to have an open action which grabs this joining username and stuffs it in a custom reg key on the client before it gets lost. Anyone have something more elegant? Again, assuming this is correct, how would I go about extracting this information from the security logs on the PDC and then stuff them in a reg key on the client?

Really appreciate any help, the second part of this problem I am particularly struggling with.

You might be able to script it.