Best Practices Guide for Patching AIX systems Using BigFix

IBM BigFix Patch is pleased to announce the publication of the “Best Practices Guide for Patching AIX systems Using BigFix.”

This guide contains a compilation of best practices, assumptions, and requirements to help both AIX system administrators and BigFix console operators to successfully patch AIX endpoints using BigFix. To download the guide in PDF format, click here.

If you have any comments on the content, please feel free to post them here. Thank you!

Other Documentation Resources:
Best Practices for BigFix Patch in IBM devWorks:
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IBM BigFix


It appears the link where it says click here does not redirect to the proper place


It was working right after I posted the announcement. And it seems to be working now too; downloads the file when I click the link.

Can you please try again? There were some issues with devWorks before I left, that could be the culprit.


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It is working now. Thank you.

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If the direct download link listed above is not working, kindly use this: