BESImportFile-1.3.exe : Error

Hi Guys,

I am facing an issue with the besimportfile utility.
I tried to import a baseline file to trigger an analysis by using besimportfile-1.3.exe. It was failed.
I have received an error as " can’t use an undefined value an ARRAY reference at line 25 "

I have attached a baseline file (.bes file) which I used to trigger an analysis in the BigFix.

Kindly let me know the root cause and the solution to resolve this issue.

BES FILE : 801CDRIVECLEAN-Analysis-69415.bes (982 Bytes)

Important Note:
I tried to import the same baseline(.bes) file in test server by using the bes import utility(version : 1.3).
It was executed successfully.

Thanks in advance.

Arunkumar Perumal