BESClientUI still has issues

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Does anyone else still have issues with the BESClientUI disappearing/crashing? We are on version 8.0.584.0

For us it seems that every version has had this issue. We used to run a task that would re-spawn the UI if it wasn’t running, but that caused problems in version 8.0.584.0. Not sure if there is an updated task or not that can do this, compatible with version 8.0

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Well, we have a couple of systems where even though it is enabled (Power Tracking Client Dashboard) it never appears. Tried disabling / enabling but still persists.

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When this happens please check the version of the BESClientUI.exe and ensure it is at the same level as your Client and Server.

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It is the same version. We collected mini-dumps from it and support is looking at it. I will post an update once they tell me the cause.