Does anyone have an experience the can share using the BESAuditTrailCleaner?

I am trying to clean up everything previous to 01-01-2015

I tried using the command line: BESAuditTrailCleaner- -l -L “C:\Temp” -D 01-01-2015

I assumed this would log to c:\temp and would delete all data prior to 01-01-2015 since the instructions stated “-D : Specify a date in MM-DD-YYYY format to have old data removed prior to this date”

But it appears that nothing was deleted. I am assuming I have to use multiple switches to actually get data to be deleted?

Anyone that knows the proper command line to accomplish this?

Thanks for any assistance regarding this!

Hi Scott,

You’re missing at least one switch which instructs the Audit Trail Cleaner what type of data to remove. If you wish to remove all forms of audit trail data, you’d need to add a -S switch to your command line arguments (the rest look ok, and will output log data to C:\temp, and constrain to the date you’ve specified). For reference, please see!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/BES%20Audit%20Trail%20Cleaner


Note: Version 9.5 has this functionality build into the BESAdmin tool:


Thanks for the responses!