BES simulator

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Hey all,

I didn’t know where to put this question, so I apologize if this is not the correct forum section.

Is there a new BES simulator for the 8.1 version?

The reason I ask this is because the one I currently have isn’t working anymore on a clean install of TEM version 8.1.

Thanks in advance!

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Which simulator are you referring to?


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Installer is named: BES.SimulatorSetup.2010.10.01.12

I also tried a version before this one.

It seems it isn’t writing any data into the DB when it creates simulated computers.

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Hi Jani,

That is a tool that we used for helping to demo BigFix… but we don’t generally make it available to people outside of BigFix/IBM…


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Hi Ben,

Yes, I know. But we (ON2IT Belgium) are a business partner of IBM and sell TEM.

And I really would like to have the BES simulator back to do demos.

Isn’t it possible to mail me the file, or a link to the file?

Thanks for your replies.