BES Server 8 through Proxy

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We are having some issues with our BES server and when we started looking at the logs, it looks like some components are having trouble getting through our proxy. In the past we had a proxy rule that used user agent string of “BigFix BESGather” to allow the BigFix services through the proxy. It appears that with version 8, some services no longer use the user agent string.

The services that connect to seem to function like they always have, but the service (Looks like some type of license checking) that connects to does not. Is this a correct assessment and is it a bug or intended behavior?

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I didn’t realize the useragent string changed in 8.0… I will need to check…

Note that _GatherService_ForwardGet_UserAgentOverride at allows you to override the useragent string for the server. is used to get updated licensing info (this is the new mechanism in 8.0 where your license updates and Fixlet sites are automatically sent to your server rather than needing to individually add the .crt or mastheads).


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Anybody know what the new useragent string is?