BES Relay needs Internet Explorer?

I was planning on rolling out some new BigFix Relay / OSD Servers on Windows Server 2012 R2 with the GUI removed (not quite Core, just the “Minimal Server Interface” as described at ), but the "Install IBM BigFix Relay (Version 9.5.2) includes a Relevance clause
version of regapp "iexplore.exe" >= "5"

In the Minimal Server Interface, there is no Internet Explorer, and this check fails the debugger with “Singular expression refers to nonexistent object.”

Is Internet Explorer really required for a BES Relay / OSD Server?

The server upgrade fixlet does require the same thing.

I think we would have to validate that the Relay (and the Server) can run on Core or with the GUI removed.

Note that I believe that some internal parts of IE are still available which might be sufficient. I’d suggest opening an RFE

On a prior release there was a bug that prevented the Relay service from cleaning out its download folder. If memory services, the location’s name gave the impression it was using an IE library to fetch the downloads.

I’ve submitted an RFE for this at

Thanks much for anyone who can give it a vote!


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