BES proxy agent cannot start

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The log file says:

Tue, 04 Sep 2012 15:32:14 +0200 – Main Thread (2740) – Unhandled Exception: File main.inspectors not found. The Proxy Agent will not function correctly without this file.

And the service changes state to not running.,

Any hints?

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It looks like one of the key files the management extender needs is not there… Not sure what happened to make this file disappear, but it is a required file for the proxy agent service.

I would suggest trying to uninstall and reinstall… Alternately, contact support and see if they can help troubleshoot…


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How to install proxy agent on any relay machine?


There is content in the BES Support site to install the Proxy Agent.

The exact Fixlet depends on what version of the platform you have: search for “Install IBM Endpoint Manager Proxy Agent” in the Console.

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