BES Properties Not Populating in DSS Console

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Our asset manager requested that we add the “location by subnet” property to his DSS reports. I logged into the DSS console and clicked the Computers tab and then from the filters and columns button I made sure to check the “Location” property. The column now shows up on the reports, but there are hundreds of machines that have blank entries for this property. There are hundreds more that are coming back as “”. When cross-checking some of these machines in the BES console, the location property is populated and accurate. Any ideas on why this isn’t carrying over to the DSS console? Can someone point me to logs/settings/configs that might help troubleshoot this issue? Thanks for your time.

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Well, I may have fixed my own issue… again. :slight_smile: In DSS under control panel, I re-pointed the Location property to the Location property in the BES console and reran a full import. Machines are now populating correctly. Numbers look much better. I’m not sure how this Location property got out of whack within DSS, but after re-pointing it to the correct property in BES, all looks well. Over the last several months, we have updated the BES Location property several times due to subnets changing, new sites coming in, etc, etc, so I’m not sure if something got screwed up there somehow. Not sure, but I think we’re good now.