BES Deployment Health Checks Dashboard

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In the dashboard it is saying that the check for “BES Relay Free Disk Space” has failed even though the relay has several (400 or so) Gb left for disk space (see below). I am running for my versions of the server, console, agent & relay version.

BES Server: Free Space


Any way I can get it to recognize all the space?

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Thanks for noticing this mcalvi, it looks like the check was displaying the results from the BES Server Free Disk Space check instead of the BES Relay Free Disk Space check. The passed/failed status is right though so there is a BES Relay out there that is low on disk space, you might check the Health Checks Analysis and see if you can manually spot the computer that is low.

We’ll update the dashboard today to fix the problem, it should be available to you by the end of the day.

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what is the minimum that it is requiring? 2Gb?

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nevermind, found it

Please have at least 1 GB of free disk space for the BES Relay.

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In the dashboard, you’ll get failures below 500MB and warnings below 1GB.

The BES Relay may use up to 1 GB of disk space for its local cache so its recommended you have at least 1 GB to ensure the OS has enough disk space to function correctly and allow the BES Relay caching system to function correctly.

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In the dashboard, under Registration List Size I have a Failed. My list is above 10MG. How do I purge the list or at least delete old data

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Yes there is a tool you can run to clean up the registration list to keep it from growing too large, please contact BigFix Support for assistance.