BES Console UI Work-In-Progress: chance to participate

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The next major release of the BES Platform will include significant interface changes intended to make the console easier to use for new and existing operators. The interface will be arranged around “Domains”, which include one or more related content sites. These domains correspond to operator roles, such as Patch Management or Power Management. So when applying security patches to computers, a console operator would work within the Patch Management domain. Further details, along with screen shots, are presented below.

You can help drive the direction of this work. We are recruiting participants for WebEx user tests, where in addition to trying out the interface you will have the opportunity to give our design and engineering team explicit feedback on the console UI. If you or other console operators at your company are interested in participating, please email


Content navigation is located on the left side of the console. The

Domain Bar

on the bottom left links to individual domains. Two standard domains are

BES Platform

where you can manage your BigFix Deployment, and

BES Classic

where the content from all your subscribed sites is presented using standard BigFix terminology of “Fixlets/Tasks/Analyses/etc.”. Other Domains that include sites for which you have subscriptions. The

Domain Tree

above the Domain Bar provides access to content. In addition to drill-down lists, the tree has folders that may contain dashboards, wizards, or any other type of BigFix content.


For each domain, BigFix content authors determine the organization of the domain tree. This allows them to use the language and structure that is most appropriate to the work done in each domain. Three preliminary examples are included below to illustrate this functionality:

Patch Management

: This domain tree is organized around Microsoft patching concepts, such as Security Bulletins, Software Updates, and Service Packs. Fixlets and Tasks are presented as drill-down lists.

Power Management

: Here, Fixlets, Tasks, and Analysis are grouped into related folders. The domain tree links directly to Fixlets (Fixlet nodes), rather than presenting lists of fixlets (list nodes).

Trend Micro Core Protection

: Here you can see wizards appearing next to lists of the content they create.


We have been working on a variety of new features. Among them are the ability to pop content up in separate windows. This may be useful if, for instance, you want to easily track the progress of an action. We are also supporting navigation history through forward and backward buttons.


As mentioned above, the BES Classic domain allows you to view content from all sites using the traditional BES concepts that are represented as tabs in the current console: Fixlets, Tasks, Analyses, Baselines…


We are recruiting participants for our user tests, and are interested in speaking with a wide variety of users. It is a great opportunity to test this out and give our design and engineering team feedback. If you or your colleagues are interested please email