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Using the search feature for DNS name contains “f” I get computers that have “f” in it. When using the DNS name starts with “f” I don’t have this option. I know when I create an auto group then go back and choose relevance I can modify the original DNS name contains to be DNS names as lowercase starts with “f”. Is there a way through search to do relevancy to get the information you want in your search query. If there isn’t this would be nice cause there are a lot of times I need starts with not contains. I realize I could create an auto or manual group to capture all DNS names start with “f” but this is not useful since I don’t need to waste time typing my password each time I need a starts with query.



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If using session relevance is useful for you in this case, you could put this into the Console’s Presentation Debugger:

hostnames whose (it as lowercase starts with “f”) of bes computers

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Hello Noah,

So I tried the presentation debugger and got the results of computers that start with “f”. I’m still trying to figure out what do I do with this. I want to be able to do quick computer searches using starts with but then I can drill down into group to break down only certain os, size of HD ect. With presentation debugger I only get a list of static text information I’m not able to assigned tasks or fixlets to that group of devices that start with “f”. Are you suggesting I would take the result from presentation debugger and copy that into a manual group seems kinda tedious when your only asking a simple search on the computers tab for starts with instead of contains with.