BES Client Service - stopped

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I wrote an analysis to show if the besclient service is stopped, but then I realized that the computer won’t report in to stay that the service is stopped because the service isn’t running. Anyone else have a way around this problem?

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I think you would really want to look at why you want that info. If it’s to ensure the service is running, just create a policy fixlet to that effect - so even if offline, it will ensure the service is running. If you do that, then you can look at the “last report time” for the machines, exclude all those that are mobile…

Not exactly what you want, but again, without knowing why you want the analysis…

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Hi cstoneba,

I think you would find the BES Client Helper service to be more useful for this situation:

If you just want to know how long the BES Client service is running or stopped, then the BES Power Management on-time will give you that information.



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thanks gjeremia & sthull. I wanted to know if the besclient service is stopped because every once in a while when I use the BES deployment tool, I scan all computers within AD and I see a few that have the besclient service stopped. I am assuming that the end user stopped the service for one reason or another and I wanted to be notified when that happens.

Yes, the Bes Client helper looks be be the answer. thanks

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BigFix Asset Discovery could help here too… Basically it works by letting the agents periodically scan around them for systems that don’t appear to be running the agent so you can investigate and try to install the agent.