BES Client "First Report Time" has date but not time

I used the following link to created the managed property for “First Report Time” on ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client’. I get the date of the folder, but I would also tike to know the actual time the folder was created as well. Does anyone know how to get that included?

See here:

minimum of subscribe times of sites

Sorry I don’t see where the time stamp code is on the link you provided.

It has the code that is right below it and other related examples. minimum of subscribe times of sites is the answer you are looking for.

The IBM support doc formats the minimum of subscribe times of sites as MM/DD/YYYY and I believe Andres just wants the timestamp to stay in there also. I think this may be what he is looking for:

((month of it as two digits & "/" & day_of_month of it as two digits & "/" & year of it as string) of date (local time zone) of it & " " & ((if (hour_of_day of it > 12) then (hour_of_day of it - 12) else (if (hour_of_day of it = 0) then (12) else (hour_of_day of it))) as string & ":" & (two digit minute of it) as string & " " & (if (hour_of_day of it > 11) then ("PM") else ("AM"))) of time (local time zone) of it) of minimum of subscribe times of sites

Which results in this answer on my PC:

A: 05/21/2015 8:03 AM
T: 0.194 ms
I: singular string
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I agree, that seems likely to be the final answer, but I get the impression that minimum of subscribe times of sites wasn’t tried by itself. Formatting it into a final answer can take many different forms, but understanding where the source of the time info comes from is important.

Side note: It would be nice if Relevance had a built in mechanism to do some date/time formatting much easier.

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Thanks Sean that did the trick! I can now see the date and the time the folder was created.


I know this is an old thread but I used your solution to get the timestamp of the first report time of server but the problem is that sorting of this column behave like sorting a generic string not a timestamp. Is there a way to get it formated as timestamp so that sorting works correctly for that string?