Bes 8.X relay install to non-default target folder

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I have batch files written to install a 7.x relay on a computer with the target folder supplied in the command line.

Just wondering what the syntax is to replicate the setup using a 8.x relay as the command line structure has changed. Here is my old command line…

D:\its\Bigfix\Relay\BESRelayUpgrade- -a --InstallFolder=“D:\BigFix Enterprise\BES Relay”

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I think it is similar to the agent command line settings:


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I did look but searched for relay, etc. Thanks again…

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I tried every variation of the switches and no luck. Can you give it a whirl on your end?

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You can take a look at action 2 of BESSupport fixlet 717, which is the Install Relay task. Action 2 installs it to a directory you specify.

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I am slipping aren’t I? I’ll take a look tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Here’s the syntax that worked for me…

BigFix-BES-Relay-8.0.627.0.exe /s /v"/qn INSTALLDIR=“D:\BigFix Enterprise\BES Relay”""