BES 7.0 Where is "Allow Postponement..." on Post Action tab?

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I’ve gone thru the BES Console Operator’s Guide but did not find the answer.

We relied heavily on the use of the “Allow postponement of up to:” feature on the Post-Action tab in BES6. Our deployment schedule agreements with the end user management was based on our ability to offer the postponement.

Having upgraded to BES7, we no longer see that option.

  1. Is the Postponement option still available?

  2. If not, since we offered a postpone of 12 hours and a forced reboot after 12, should I just set a deadline of 24 hours?

  3. If a user is not logged on, will the target computer still reboot before the deadline of 24 hours? Deployments to thousands of PCs and reboots happening all at once is not acceptable.

Please let me know if any of this has been covered in documentation or forum messages.

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Hi Jim,

We changed the action dialog to be more simple and intuitive. The postponement is automatically a part of the action.

Answers to your questions:

  1. Yes. All message/restart boxes have postponement options until there is 5 minutes or less to go until the deadline, in which postponement is not allowed and the message box will be “topmost” on the screen).

  2. That’s correct. Setting the deadline to 24 hours will allow people to postpone for up to 24 hours and then the computer will be restarted.

  3. If users aren’t logged on, the action runs immediately (this behavior has not changed from previous BigFix versions). You can use the “temporal distribution” feature for the action if you want to be extra safe and spread the actions out over time.

There was a quite a large discussion regarding the new action dialogs and how they worked on the forum and you can check those out, but I don’t think they specifically related to these questions.