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We have updated our latest release to version 6.0.21 to include a small change that fixes a gathering issue with the BES Relay and the BES Server. The previous 6.0.20 release had an update that fixed a rare issue that caused gathering to hang (which would require that you restart your relay/rootserver service to restore normal operation). Unfortunately, fixing this issue exposed another fairly rare issue that also caused gathering to hang if certain specific timing events occur.

This gathering issue will not affect all deployments and has a straight-forward resolution of restarting the service (BESRelay or BESRootServer), but we deemed this fix important enough to re-release a new version of BES because we consider even a rare hang in the relays or rootserver to be a critical issue.

We try hard to avoid releasing new BES versions so close together and we apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

It is recommended that everyone with BES 6.0.20 Servers or Relays upgrade them to 6.0.21. The BES Console and BES Clients do not have any significant changes from 6.0.20->6.0.21. All of the new performance benefits and bugfixes that were in 6.0.20 are also in 6.0.21 and you are encouraged to upgrade your components to take advantage of the new changes.

All the usual upgrade notes apply to this version:

All BES 6.0.21 components are fully forward and backward compatible with the previous 6.0.x components. Additional information about the update is available at the bottom of the page at

This upgrade is available to all BES customers at no charge. As with all BES upgrades, you can upgrade any component manually or by using Fixlet messages available on the BES Support Fixlet site. You will see upgrade Fixlet messages for each BES component that is not yet upgraded. If you are currently running BES 6.0, you can upgrade any or all of the components in any order. For those customers at BES 5.1 or earlier, the upgrade pathway remains the same and you should upgrade to BES 6.0.21 whenever possible to take advantage of the newest features, optimizations, and bug fixes.



BigFix Product Team

(imported comment written by PAJ23)

We noticed that both the Console and Client upgrade fixlets are not relevant if upgrading from due to :

AND version of regapp “besclient.exe” < "

Is this an error in the fixlet relevance??

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Hi Paj,

This is by-design… The BES Clients are essentially identical to BES Clients so we didn’t want to make people upgrade for no good reason… We can easily modify the Fixlet for you if you really want to upgrade to (just make a copy and change that relevance clause that you posted).


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If this is by design, why is Bigfix support saying our Consoles running at is an old version and need to upgrade to when we call?


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Hi Ernie,

The comment I made above was in specific reference to the BES Client upgrade from 6.0.20->6.0.21.

There are some changes in the BES Console from 6.0.20 -> 6.0.21 and I think the reason that they didn’t offer the upgrade to everyone was because the changes were minor and only a few customers would have been affected by the changes. You should feel free to upgrade to 6.0.21 for the BES Console (you can just create a custom copy of the Fixlet and change the version number in the relevance to, but unless you are hitting a very specific problem that was fixed in BES, then it likely won’t be any different.