Beginner- Need help creating a report


I am entirely new to BigFix, and am looking for some guidance on creating a report. The report is to capture the version of Oracle Java installed in all our DVO environments.

I’ve been able to filter the report to capture all DVO environments, but I am unsure as to how to pull the Java version data from each environment on the report.

Can anyone please provide me with assistance or a push in the right direction?

Hi If the Java is reflecting into your Add and remove program of your systems then there is a analysis names as Application information Windows. You will be able to get the analysis in from the Inventory and license site, activate that analysis and from the explore data you can fetch the information of the applications which are installed in your environments.

If the above thing did not works you can find the registry path where the java entry is there and also the version of the java, with the help of this information you can create the analysis or the property which will give you the desired output.