Before & After Patch Summary Report

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I am looking for a report which would provide me information of patches applied prior & after installation of Bigfix / IEM for windows & non-windows environment.



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Can someone please help me out in this.

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I’m not sure if you are looking at specific patches of to a general report, anyway Endpoint Manager will normally show “current stratus” of your patching, rather than an historic view.

To obtain an history perspective or comparison you should take a snapshot report of your patching status “before” your action and a second snapshot report "after your action is completed.

Web Reports gives you the ability to produce these snapshot reports, and may help you too, with the “scheduled reports” feature, to get an history of your changes/evolution as time intervals (or as things change).

Another possibility is to look at the reports that will show how much an action (or a set of actions) did progress.

Hope this helps.

A more precise description of your goals may help to help you better.


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Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your reply.

I found one report a bit similar to what I am looking for in the below URL.

But I need to change many thing in this as its only for “MS” & its relevance is for “number of bes computers” where as there are multiple OS supported in our environment. Any help on this will be really appreciated.



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Can someone please help me out in this