Battery Manufacture Date?

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Does anyone know a way to pull a laptop battery manufacture date?

I tried looking in the WMI but the value isn’t populated in any of the dell laptops we have. Is there another place to get this information (outside or inside of wmi)?

My failed WMI Query:

q: string values of selects “ManufactureDate from Win32_PortableBattery” of wmi

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Give this one a shot:

select of “InstallDate from win32_battery” of WMI

Googled from a Novell ZenWorks page:

I cannot test it until I get back to the office on Monday.

Honestly, it does not make much sense to me that InstallDate would contain the manufacture date but it’s quick and easy to test.



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It was a false lead. I tested on IBM r40 and r50 with no success. I browsed the WMI classes as well as the raw registry and did not find anything for either of those 2 models that correlates with Manufacture Date.

q: selects "* from win32_battery"of WMI at least showed results on these units but nothing that correlates with Manufacture Date.

q: selects “* from win32_portablebattery” of WMI gave no error but no results at all.