Batch Delete Fixlets with RESTAPI

Is there any REST API resource that will let me batch delete a set of fixlets? Like posting a BES.xml with a bunch of fixlets listed?

I have used the standard /api/fixlets DELETE resource, but it takes a long time to delete multiple fixlets.

What are you using to do the REST API calls?

I am using java code to perform the REST API calls. Right now those calls are all synchronous so it takes a while to process through them all.

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I have never tried deleting fixlets with the RESTAPI so I’m not certain how long that takes normally. I’m not aware of a way to batch delete them.

I have noticed that if I set up a new connection for each REST call it is much slower than if I use the same connection to do the calls. The Python Requests library handles this transparently.

The other option like you mention would be to do it asynchronously using a queue and workers, possibly also over the same connection.

The API does limit overuse of it, so it might penalize you if you are too aggressive.

Ok, that is what I figured.

I have definitely run into that rate limiter on the REST API before!

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