Basic questions

Im a service provider and I have a handful of customers with small networks, from 10 to 35 endpoints (some Windows, some Mac, some servers, some servers, some laptops…)
Im looking for a patch management solution or some other endpoint management software and came across BigFix.

I already have a helpdesk and a remote control app for support, but im missing the patch management and the monitoring.
Looks like BigFix can help me with the patch management, and Im trying to get an evaluation.
What would be your opinion on my case? multiple customers, not so big, small shop, overlapping IPs on the endpoint, some roaming users, etc

Also Im concerned about reports for the customers, not sure if they can be automated, or customized with some branding, etc.
happy to hear suggestions.

Hey Manny!

In order:

  1. My opinion is that at first glance this would probably be a pretty good use case. Patch is pretty cheap, relay servers at customer sites can be dual purpose, works super well with roaming users, and you can use a lot of content available via the BigFix community ( to fill some gaps you might have initially.

  2. Automated reports: yep! Super easy.

  3. Customized reports: Yes? So the real answer is anything is possible, but honestly I don’t think it’s super easy to custom brand an automated report out of box. I could be wrong about that, but in any case you have a lot of options for doing it yourself either via the REST API or via a formatted custom report. If someone else has experience re-branding a report maybe they can chime in.

BigFix sounds like an easy win for you.

Only word of caution. Get your requirements ahead of time and have your sales rep sign off on what is IBM supported and what is IBM provided or available through other providers/services. IBM supported is the only thing you should rely on.

Your mileage may vary.