Baselines, WOW

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And on the sixth day BES created Baselines and there was a cry of joy heard from the unwashed masses!

So, our BES environment finally got upgraded and I sit exploring all the new 6.x features and I come across baselines. I think I have found my favorite new BES feature, although Right Click tools are still high on my list and automatic group membership is making my mouth water - it’s next on my list to explore.

I love the idea of creating baselines for business units that include software installs and then using either automatic or manual groups to assign the computers from that business unit to receive the baseline software items for that group, a la Active Directory. It puts BigFix that much closer to being a total replacement for using SMS for software delivery.

Two questions regarding Baselines:

  1. Do they actually evaluate on the client or are they more like a query against the SQL DB?

  2. If Baselines are a client side evaluation item, are items that are part of a baseline evaluated more frequently or with a higher priority than items that are not part of a baseline?



(imported comment written by jessewk)

  1. Baselines are evaluated on the client.

  2. They have the same priority and frequency of evaluation as normal Fixlet Messages