Baselines - Tasks Carry on to the Next even When a Preceding Task in the Sequence Fails/Non-Relevant

Hi All,

I am having an issue with Baselines. I have 3 Tasks/Components in the Baseline and they are set to run in sequence - each subsequent Task has a relevance to check for completion marker from the preceding Task. However, I have noticed that if a preceding Task fails/non relevant, the Baseline Action just moves on to the next Task in the sequence and does not Stop.

I would be most grateful for your suggestions or steer towards resolving this issue.

Thank you.

Task fails and not relevant are two different use cases: if the task is not relevant, it is correctly ignored; on the other end, you can force the execution to stop if any of the tasks fail if you uncheck “Run all members actions of action group regardless of errors” when you deploy the baseline:


DanielColi, many thanks for the steer re unchecking the ‘Run all member actions of action group regardless of errors’ option. that’s sorted it.

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