Baseline Synchronization Dasbhoard Import

Is it possible to import in the Baseline Synchronization Dashboard, but not enable the entire BigFix Labs site? I only want the single dashboard ant not all the other fixlets that come with the site.

anyone ever do this before, or have a different way to sync 30 baselines?

I haven’t tried that one specifically, but if you attach the dashboard file to another site be sure to also bring over any other dependencies (often there are additional .js or .swf files needed in addition to the dashboard .ojo file).

Have you considered enabling the Bigfix Labs site with no subscribed clients, or globally-hiding the fixlets?

Also, just don’t allow any of the other Console Operators to access the Lab Content, and they can’t use it.

yes, I guess that is what i’ll do. Thanks for the ideas.

The Baseline Synchronization Dashboard can also be found in the BES Support site.