Baseline relevent fixlet or patches

Dear all mates
Please can any one help me, how can i get all the relevent patches or fixlet after i create a baseline in my custom site

I would like to select all the relevent patches in the component list for how can i do it pls help

Hi, what exactly are trying to do? can you elaborate?

You may easily access it from the console or webreport.

It will be easier to navigate from the console. Console → Baselines Select your preferred baseline and look at the preview box; you will see something similar (select all text and copy to excel).

From WebReport, you can use below filter:

When you see your baseline, simply click on it to find out which fixlets are relevant and against how many devices.

If you are looking to get RestAPI reporting then thats different aproach.

Dear sir
thank you all for help , but i would like to see the only relevent fixlet for just applicable computers not all of the computers. is that possible?

In the Console, if you select a computer group (or select several computers, right-click, and ‘View as Group’), you can view the fixlets applicable to only those systems in the “Relevant Fixlets” tab

Edit: From the Relevant Fixlets tab, you can select fixlets, right-click, and add to a New baseline or to an existing baseline.

Sir you are the best, i was looking for this, because could not find relevent fixlet for a group of computers.

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Glad I was able to help, and welcome to BigFix!