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I have created a baseline of Microsoft fixlets which are security updates. I am looking at the “Applicable Computers” for the baseline and there are a couple of computers that are not relevant for the baseline but yet they still appear in the “Applicable Computers”. When I click on one of these computers in order to look at the component applicablity, The applicability for each component is listed as “unknown”. If all of the components are unknown, why is the baseline applicable?

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First thing I would try is clearing the console cache:

If this does not correct it, maybe there is something wrong on the cache on the computer in question. You can try stopping the agent and delete/rename the __BESData folder then starting it again and see what happens.

There is also the debug in the client, it may help to identify if there is an issue there:

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You might also try a force refresh on the client reporting “unknown”.

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I tried clearing the console cache and that did not work.

I removed the BES client and re-added it.

I copied the baseline in order to let it populate again.

Still having the same problem. The baseline shows applicable, yet all of the components show applicability is unknown.

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If you just uninstalled and reinstalled the BES client, I do not believe that will delete the __BESData folder. Might want to double check that the client folder is deleted after uninstall and before reinstall.

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Is the client subscribed to the same site that the baseline is within?

Is the client subscribed to the same site as the components of the baseline?

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We have a site called Servers. The baseline is in the Servers site. Since the components of the baseline are Microsoft patches, they are fixlets the the Patches for Windows Site. The only caveate is that the baseline was originally created in a site separate from the clients, and then copied to the Servers Site. This shouldn’t be a problem should it.

I will try creating the baseline from the beginning and see what happens.

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I think I have seen this “unknown” status when the client is not subscribed to the originating site or something like that.

Are the servers subscribed to the “Patches for Windows Site” or are they excluded from it?

In our environment, we exclude certain computers from the “Patches for Windows” site so that they do not get updates pushed out early. These computers will report “invalid site context” if you take action on them from that site, but I think they might report “unknown” in a baseline… at least something odd like that is what I recall.

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Nope… Recreating the baseline from scratch didn’t resolve the issue either.

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I did not have the Servers subscribed to the Patches for Windows Site. I have subscribed all of the servers. I don’t know the result yet.

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JGStew - You were correct. The problem was that all of the servers were not subscribed to the Patches for Windows site.

Now, the number of applicable computers for the baseline is the the same, but now I can drill down and see which components of the baseline are applicable.

Thank You

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You are welcome. This is definitely an odd issue. The feedback in the console is not sufficient.