Baseline items (max)

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I’d like to create a baseline that has approx. 175 fixlets. Our lab has tested sending these as one action just through selection in the fixlet window with no problems, so can’t see there would an issue using a baseline to send the same 175 actions.

There doesn’t seem to be an item restriction as far as count, as I’ve added these fixlets into a baseline and it took all of them, but I don’t have rights to test the new baseline in my environment.

Anyone see any issues using a baseline with so many items (beyond action completion time, of course)?


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It should be OK, especially if you only take one action from the baseline (as opposed to taking action after action)… but you do need to worry a little bit about the agent getting a little bit slower to evaluate other Fixlets when it has baselines that were so big (actually, the baseline actions are more worrisome than the baselines themselves).