Baseline group is not relevant to computers

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I have a baseline group that contains several tasks in it, related to removing Adobe Reader and then installing Acrobat and patches for it. When I locate the individual tasks in the console, each task is applicable to thousands of computers and it works to send an individual task to a computer.

If I send the baseline group of tasks to a computer, it returns Not Relevant. In the details of the baseline, it shows the Component Applicability at around 50 computers for each item in the baseline instead of thousands. I can also edit the baseline and select ‘Go To Source’ and it will go to the individual task that is applicable to thousands of computers.

The only condition I have on the baseline is that it is for Windows XP computers, and I have tried deleting the group and creating a new one. Where would I start to figure out why the baseline group does not work? Thanks.

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edit your baseline > Components Tab, then expand your fixlet/task and confirm that the checkbox “Baseline will be relevant on applicable computers where this component is relevant”.

I think by default, tasks have the box not checked, Fixlets have the box checked.

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I found the setting and you were correct that it was unchecked for the tasks I had in the baseline.

I will need to wait for the console to update and try a few test pushes to see if that resolves it.

Thanks, Jeff

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Changing the baseline so that tasks are also checked resolved the problem. Thanks for the help.