Baseline distribution

Baseline distributions - automated

I’ve a request to enable automation capability for baselines created so that when new server pops, it queries and missing software components are added automatically from the baseline created. Is it possible to achieve? Currently, I perform it manually - the moment I get intimated that new server has logged in, I ensure the baseline components are relevant to this new machine and then click on take action and deployment is clean.

Note: this doesn’t involve patch management, just SWD for transferring files and executing scripts.

So you’re not changing the baseline components, just applying them to a new machine? Sure, lots of ways to handle that.

Mostly they all come down to “Have an open Action on the baseline targetting a dynamic group”. You’ll want some kind of logic to add your new server to a dynamic group, and the group should have an open Action assigned to it with your baseline.

Whether you tag the computer with some registry entry or presence of a file, or dynamically use something like the OS Installation Date, BigFix client registration time, something along those lines, is up to you. I’ve seen lots of recommendations in the forum here, look for “new computer” and I’m sure you’ll find some.

More at Way to target only new clients?

thank you for the wonderful information