Baseline Component Applicability shows unknown for some of the components

Apologies for the beginners question.
Baseline Component Applicability shows a mix of “Applicable”, “Not Applicable” and “Unknown”.

Observation - looks like all the superseded Component show “Unknown” applicability. I am not sure why… I’d like to know for sure which components are applicable before using the baseline.

Does it mean that relevance didn’t run? Is there a way to run the relevance criteria?

I have found this: [“Component Applicability” Tab for Baselines Reports “unknown”]
Still unclear after reading the article :frowning:

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Means that you created a baseline from some Fixlets. Then one of the Fixlets changed but the baseline still has the old copy of the Fixlet

Open the baseline and click the “Sync All Components” button to update the Old copies of the Fixlets to New.

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