Baseline Applicable Computers

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I’m trying to create a web report that shows computer names that are appliable for baseline “baseline1234” AND do not have any open actions for “baseline1234”. Any suggestions?

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I have this so far, but the “BES Actions” part doesn’t seem to work. Anyone know of a fix?

<?Relevance ordered list of names of bes computers whose ( exists relevant fixlet whose (name of it = "Microsoft Patches - 2012-01") of it AND (not exists BES actions whose (state of it = "Open" AND name of it contains "Microsoft Patches - 2012-01"))) ?>

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got it working with this:

<?relevance unordered list of (name of it) of (applicable computers of (fixlet whose (name of it as lowercase = "microsoft patches - 2012-01") of bes custom site whose (name of it = "CustomContent"))) whose (disjunction of (not exists result (it, bes actions whose (name of source fixlet of it as lowercase contains "microsoft patches - 2012-01")))) ?>