Baseline and task

Action Behavior setting “On failure, retry” is not working for baselines.
Action Behavior setting “On failure, retry” works for Task, but not work for baseline.
How do I let the components in the baseline retry again?

There is a setting in the take actions dialog when you action on a baseline under the Behavior section to “On failure, retry”. If the baseline “fails” the baseline should retry. A failure retry is not the same as a “Reapply this action” when it becomes relevant again. If any component in the baseline is or remains relevant then the entire baseline is considered relevant and would then reapply. Do you have a case where the baseline is actually “failing” and returns a status of “failing”. What is the expected behavior here and what is actually happening when you go to deploy your baseline action?

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To expand on what @BigFixNinja stated, there are actually 3 different options for it to run again:

  • On failure, retry
  • this only takes affect if it fails
  • Reapply when it becomes relevant again
  • this only applies if the relevance is true, becomes false, then becomes true again at a later time
  • Reapply while waiting …
  • this will reapply after a delay if the relevance is still true
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In Bigfix, Action component have same feature for Fixlet/Task and Baseline. So normally “On failure, retry” option should work for Task as well as Baseline. It normally works until any specific issue persist. You need to drill down to find the issue if it not work for your particular Baseline.


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