Baseline action status scinario

If we create 2 different baseline and deployed to single machine at the same time mean the both baseline run at the same time (or) baseline 2 waiting for baseline 1 completion status ?

Baseline 1 created and deployed to Machine 1 at 10.00AM (different patches)
Baseline 2 created and deployed to Machine 1 at 10.00AM (different patches)

in this scenario how the endpoints react, both baseline running at the same time (or) baseline 1 only running and baseline waiting for completing status request from baseline 1 ?

If both the baseline are deployed at same time then deployment will more or less will start at same time depending upon evaluation time.
There is no such category set in baseline regarding dependency.
If your want that baseline 2 should be dependent on baseline one or sometime similar so should go for server automation domain.
In server automation domain we have two choice of execution i.e sequential and other one parallel.
In sequential first that will deployed and then second task will be executed.In case ,first task got failed than your action will be terminated without executing the second task but in case of parallel both the task will be executed simultaneously without depending on each other.

So baseline 1 running patch download process at 10.01AM mean, mean time baseline 2 also running patch downloading process at the same time ?

Yes your understanding is correct.If you are executing two baseline action at the sametime ,the action will be executed simultaneously depending upon client behaviour.

for this scenario action script command execute in client machine for patch 1 from baseline 1 mean at the same time baseline 2 patch won’t execute on client machine right ?

Does both the baseline has same patch if yes then from one of the baseline task will be completed and from other baseline task will become not relevant but if both the baseline has different patches then for sure it is going to install depending upon the relevance evaluation of each task/fixlet.

Correct me if I am wrong, does the different baseline different patch action script running at the same time in single endpoints

Yes your understanding is correct