Baseline action reporting complete... but it expired

I have noticed some oddities with reporting baseline actions, but this one threw me off. My coworker who reported it tried to explain it, but I didn’t believe it till I saw it. The action shows complete, but also shows the action expired in the baseline results.

Any ideas why the final report shows Complete?

I have also seen oddball results like this before where the baseline fails, I go fix some things, I re-run it and it works the second time, but the results from the original failed action shows success.

Well I put in a ticket with support. There response:

Development has confirmed that the action shows completed, but also shows the action expired in the baseline results is expected and by design. The summary Status of the group action is determined by looking at the action analysis for the group action in the last BESClient report. In most cases, expired group actions are also not relevant, and the not relevant state is checked first. So a Summary display of Completed is expected in the current design.

So let me this this right… “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” ???