Baseilne & Fixlet Relevance

(imported topic written by SystemAdmin)

We deployed the 10th August 2010 patches (Monster Patch by MSFT) via a Baseline on some systems. No probs with this one. Baseline got applied and reported complete.

However, the individual Fixlets were still showing Relevant for the same systems. We cleared the Console Cache to check status of fixlets and waited quite long to ensure that all clients report their complete status. The fixlet status still showed applicable. Sent a blank custom task to the same systems, fixlet status still relevant, baseline greyed out - not relevant.

When the fixlets were issued as actions the system reported back as Not Relevant.

We are with for all Server, Console, Relays and Clients.

Any pointers as to why this could be happening ?

(imported comment written by NoahSalzman)

Have the Fixlet’s content changed since making the baseline? Have you tried “re-synching” the baseline? Baselines do not automatically get updated when the source Fixlets change.

As it says at the bottom of most of our new Fixlet email alerts:

BigFix administrators are encouraged to verify open actions and synchronize baselines that contain the modified content.