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I’ve set up a bare metal OSD server - Windows 2008R2, OS Deployment Server (x64): (190.17). However, I see a warning in the console: “Server is too old to manage new profiles; it should be upgraded.”

Upgraded to what? I’ve been unable to find any reference to this message in the documentation.

It does seem to mean what it says - I have been unable to deploy any image profiles to the server. The actions complete successfully but nothing shows in the console afterward.

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Hi Jon,

you may have imported some Windows images which are not support by your current OS Deployment server version (190.17) - this is 7.1.1 Fixpack 11.

(Example Win8.1 supported only if OS Deployment server is >=

You should upgrade your OS Deployment server version to latest one (which is actually (220.35) ) in order to support all your profiles.

The latest version to upgrade is showed in Bare Metal Server Manager -> Upload popup -> “The current version is …”.

In the Bare Metal Server dashboard, there are 2 buttons to upload the OS Deployment serverl installer: here you have to provide OS Deployment server installer downloaded from fixcentral web site (see details below).

Once you upload the OS deployment server installer, you can select your Bare Metal server and click the upgrade button.

Then a “Sync” action should solve your warning.

How to get OS Deployment Server installers:

From FixCentral Website -> IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS deployment -> Windows version (x86 and x64)… -> (Fixpack 14)

So I suggest you the following action plan:

  1. From Fixcentral, download OS Deployment Server installer (aka IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment -> Windows x64 and 86, current version is
  2. Upload the installer in the Bare Metal server dashboard
  3. Upgrade your Bare Metal Server and force a “sync” action


How do i download the OS deployment server setup file.