Bare Metal Web Interface

So, I’m trying to figure something out and doing it by testing profiles.
However, I have a system that is stock loading the last attempt.
I went into the console OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging>Activity History>and looked for the only thing that I have in progress. I deleted it and when I reboot the system still boots into the old profile and I’m getting all the Task sequences…
I am having to put in a USB to wipe the local drive. and try it again but still goes into the same loop. I tested another computer and it works fine.
so I have been reading and I have seen multiple posts where you guys mentioned a web interface for Mare Metal. I don’t recall configuring anything like that and I have swept thru the manual multiple times without any luck.
I did find this:

after some failed attemps to deploy the bare metal profile on the target, it should report that a loop has been detected and the target computer deployment task should be reset.
If this does not happen, I suggest to open a PMR.

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Thank you Sergio. yesterday it went left the loop.