Background intelligent transfer service

hi everyone

 I would like to ask for more information that while we do a patch (can be other task) by using Bigfix. Do we need a service name "Background Intelligent Transfer" ? If we need can I have a detail that what this service action or improve for.

Microsoft uses this service to download patch content in the back ground.

See : Wikipedia : BITS

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Thanks Tim. But Is it mandatory to keep this service running while Patching windows machines with bigfix? Does Bigfix Patching work if we disable this service?

Thank you Tim. Due to Sraj that we also have a security checking and they have ask us about this question also.If you or anyone have the answer i glad to hear this appreciate that.

BITS is used probably by SCCM/WSUS. If you are patching with BigFix then SCCM/WSUS could be competing for the patching and your bandwidth.

Easy to check for this on the internet with a google search.

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