Automation Plans Losing Target Computers After Default Setting Configuration


Was curious if anyone has seen a similar situation to this.

While manually kicking off our automation plans (for system shutdown/startup) we are finding that the configured target (via ‘Default Settings’ in the steps of our plan(s)) are sometimes being blanked out under ‘Take Automation Plan Action’ screen. This is more or less an oversight from my operators not seeing this and addressing it…but I am trying to understand why this would be happening as I am understanding that when setting the target at the step level will configure the plan accordingly.

Only thing i thing I can think of that might be causing this…is that if a target is migrated to new hardware…and comes back online, does that change something with the BES Client causing the AP’s to lose the target configs?

I have attached some screenshots with examples of what I am talking about.



Just posting again on this…hoping someone might have some insight. (Have a case open with the support as well at this point)

Issue occurred again this past weekend. Refreshed most of our automation plans, ensuring target servers were configured in each steps’ default settings. Verified the servers were there when scheduling the AP’s…upon scheduled execution this weekend, many plans lost their target computers again. :confounded: