Automation Plans Dashboard not updating

Hello together,

since the update to 9.5.14 we have some trouble with the “Automation Plans” dashboard. When we have a baseline as an automation plan step and we change some fixlets in this baseline, normally we press in the dashboard the “Source content has changed for 1 step in this automation plan. Click here to update all content” banner and save the plan again. Now after the save-button is pressed, the banner shows up again and the content of the baseline is the old one again :frowning:

Even clearing the console cache and reinstallation of the automation plan plugin didn´t help.

Someone has an idea for this?

I will check internally on this but please submit a case through the BigFix Support site as this is something we would want to call attention to as 9.5.14 was just recently released and we will want to get eyes on it should it be related to the recent release.

experiencing this as well

L3 support team is aware of the issue and is working to address it.
As work around you should perform the following steps to recover the broken automation plans:

  1. from the BigFix console search for the fixlet having the same name of the broken automation plan that contains the baseline
  2. edit the fixlet and remove all the actions except the last one then save it
  3. at this point the automation plan should be correctly displayed on the dashboard and correctly executed

thanks for the update :raising_hand_man: