Automation plan access issue

I am getting error while executing the automation plan . Need assistance to fix this .

Is this an NMO ? Does the NMO have custom content creation permission?

Server Automation requires MO permissions.

The user having the normal level permission . Meaning , one environment to another environment ,the automation plan was moved . Even user don’t have privileges to edit or save .

May I know if we give full permission to user whether we can execute the automation plan ?

Why would Server Automation require Master Operator permissions? I can see where setting it up might require MO Permissions, but not USING it.

I really don’t want to have to give ANYONE else Master Operator permissions.

Yes .Correct TIM . I don’t to give MO permission to that user . Do we have any other option to run automation plan ?

Shall we give server automation site access to that user ?

That’s the way all the other components work.
It’s what I’ve done.