Automation Engine release notes?

Is there a location to find the release notes about what is changed in different versions of Automation plan engine?

It looks like current release is Automation-PlanEngine-production-9.5.67

  • i am running Automation-PlanEngine-production-9.5.66 and seeing some odd behavior and want to see if its a known thing or not, etc.

The latest release notes are only current through version 9.5.66.

The issue my team is seeing is double run of each task, and the tasks are not being marked as ‘stopped’ when they are complete and the next task run.
The plan does run several tasks in parallel, with each task running on a few systems.

Same plan ran clean last month before Bigfix update and update of Automation plan engine version, previous engine version was at least 9 months old.

It looks like the automation engine had an update in the last few releases to ‘improve’ parallelism.
I will be building a few smaller test plans, so i can open a ticket and narrow the issue down

Thank you