Automatically windows 10 Updates downloading and installing on BigFix client installed Windows 10 systems


In our client environment, we are facing issue with Windows 10 updates that all windows 10 security and other updates are automatically downloading and installing on windows10 system, While all systems have Bigfix client and managing from BigFix server,

I am not able to understand that If these systems have Bigfix client and managed by BigFix then why patches are getting automatically installed without deployed from the BigFix console (server).

I Suppose that till windows 7, Bigfix was managing and controlled windows update setting on win7 system but from Windows 10, Bigfix is not able to control windows update on windows 10 machines.

Please suggest me if any settings need to be configured on windows 10 systems or Bigfix server to control this auto patch installation on win10 systems.

Most customers would block Windows Update via Group Policy settings in order to control the testing and timing of updates.

If I understand correctly that require using a Business Edition (Pro, Enterprise, or Education), and specific Group Policy settings.

Usually these are deployed via GPO, but one could use Local Group Policy (deployed via BigFix) as well.

Yes, I agree with you but when we are using BigFix to managing our patching environment then BigFix client should control all the Windows update settings on windows 10 systems.

So I have a simple question that why BigFix is Not capable to control Automatic windows updates on Windows 10 while Bigfix client was managing windows update settings on windows 7 systems without deploying any Group policies for Windows update

Please clear my queries.

I can’t really day, but…because Microsoft, most likely.