Automatically restart devices weekly


I’ve been asked to reboot some devices weekly.
I’ve created a computer group for the devices but I’m not sure on how to start a task that restarts those devices once a week at 09:00 on mondays, this needs to go on forever.

I’ve been trying to use the fixlet “Restart Computers” (ID 10)
This is how I set up the Execution

The devices to restart, some restart once and never again and others seem to reboot every time.
Is there something I’m missing here?
Any advice on another, better way of doing this?

I believe this fixlet is custom for you; if not, you may have something in your action applicability. My best guess is that the relevance of this fixlet must be set to pending restart. Could you please share the action script and relevance of this fixlet?

The execution setup is correct, but you might want to choose Run Only On as Monday since you only want to trigger the reboot on Monday.

The other option is to use the built-in OS functionality of setting an auto reboot using task scheduler (Windows) OR cron job (non-Windows), but that will require additional team/person support. In my opinion, this is the correct path and is easy to manipulate whenever you want.