Automatic refresh of the BigFix server


Allow me to share with you an old problem on which there has been several discussions but I still can’t find an explanation for my problem.

This is the BigFix root server refresh problem.

The server is no longer refreshed automatically and I always have to do a manual refresh: The BigFix server turns gray on the console just after the default 45 minutes have expired. When the server is grayed out, I can’t apply any action and I have to refresh it to release the action that is still pending.

I searched in all the logs but I didn’t find any error message. I don’t have any problem with RAM, CPU or I/O saturation.

This behavior is only on the BigFix server, all the other servers are refreshed in real time (every 2 to 3 minutes).

My question is how to get back to the initial situation, i.e. an automatic refresh of the BigFix server.

Thank you very much.

The most likely thing is a long-running evaluation cycle on the root server. You may have some very slow Analyses activated that only evaluate on the root server - some of the BigFix Labs analyses that track cache usage can be a problem for example.

Have a search here for ‘evaluation cycle’ for tips on diagnosis. On the root server, you can run the Fixlet Debugger in 'Local client evaluation’s mode and query

average duration of evaluationcycle of client to see whether it is overly long.

Thank you for the answer.

To make it quick, I stopped all active scans at BigFix Labs, I also stopped all open actions but the problem still persists. : the refresh is still not done


I’m afraid it’ll take more analysis than that. Your first option is to open a Support Incident. I expect them to walk you through several of the steps here.

Have a look at for how to enable Client Debug Logging. Once your server generates sufficient debug log data, you can use the timestamps for each evaluation to see which ones are taking longest and optimize that content.

I’d also suggest loading this C3 Analysis from -
In particular the “Slow Evaluations” properties can show which Properties/Analyses/Fixlets/Tasks are taking the longest to evaluate.


Thank you very much Mr Jason Walker for your support, the problem is now solved. The refresh is done almost in real time. I ran the ‘Client Usage Profiler’ action and found some time-consuming scans that I stopped.

My question is about the possibility to restart these actions, does it require more capacity at the BigFix server level?


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