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I would like to create a group that will only have members when the following condition is met.

exists file “*.ice” of folder “d:\ids_cache” whose creation time is < now…

My first problem is that I only find the “find file” inspector will work with wildcards

Secondly, I just don’t think i’m writing the creation time < now correctly.

Can someone help? thx.

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try something like this:

exists file whose ((name of it ends with “.ice”) and (creation time of it < now)) of folder “d:\ids_cache”

OR another option to show other kinds of things you could find…

(name of it,creation time of it as string) of files whose ((name of it ends with “.ice”) and (creation time of it < now)) of folder “d:\ids_cache”



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Just to be clear, you’d want to create a retrieved property with the above relevance.

Then to make a group from it, in the automatic group creation dialog, you would select the new property and include computers that are reporting “True”

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Thx! That seems to have worked! :slight_smile:

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Not sure if it is a bug but the automatic group needs to be scrollable when items are added.

I’ve created a grouping with multiple items where location by ip contains “brookside”, location by ip contains “calder”, etc up to about 50 sites. When the list get as long as the screen then the window is not scrollable to add more items.

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Yup… that has been fixed for upcoming releases.

As a work around, one thing to remember is that you can create “groups of groups”. If you’re having trouble getting everything in, create a couple of sub-groups that together make up the main group. Then define the main group to be the collection of sub-groups.


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I started the grouping at the bottom of the alphabet so when I got to the end of the list I was at the top of the screen.

More than one way to skin a cat… :slight_smile:

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Hi, not sure whether I should start a new thread, but I would like advise on Automatic Groups as well.

If I have multiple offices, right now i’m putting all the clients into separate groups via their Subnet mask eg. - Office A - Both for Office B

I want to filter it even further that only machines with Workstation OS’s will apply to that group. I see the ALL rule, but does it filter out machines for places like Office B, where there are multiple subnets for the same location? I put these 2 subnets, and also OS type = Workstation, but it seems to filter out most of the machines instead. Thanks in advance for any forthcoming info.

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Hi sawec,

Couple notes…

  • The Automatic Groups dialog only allows for basic combinations of boolean expressions and does not allow for complicated AND/OR expressions. However, the underlying relevance engine allows for arbitrary complexity but you have to build the relevance yourself.

  • You might consider using the “Location Property Wizard” to allow you to paste in your list of subnets and locations and it will automatically create for you a property with the location of the computer. This is much quicker and easier than using the automatic groups feature for locations. Additionally, since it is a property, you can subfilter things like: “By Location > By Workstation”.

Let me know if that helps,