Automatic Group "Contains" not working

I’m attempting to create an Automatic Computer Group that ONLY contains my Citrix servers.
I’ve been trying to use variations of “contains” and inserting portions of the server name.
I have the following I want to filter by - xen, xa, citrix, ctx but no combo is working - I’m getting 0 results.
As seen in the screenshot, I added the prefix we use for location in the event that 2-3 characters was too short, but this didnt work either.
I have confirmed that all of these servers I’m trying to filter are in the Servers automatic group I’m referencing.
I’ve also tested this using “computer name” vs “dns name”

I have one automated group that contains ALL of our “servers” so I’ve attempted to reference that as the computer must be a member of that group, then “contains” one of those computer name keywords.

Nothing I’ve tried is pulling these Citrix servers for me… What am I doing wrong here? Seems this should be pretty simple…


Your “Include computers with” filter is using “All” so its looking for members of Server AND DNS Name contains “avlxa” AND DNS Name contains “avlctx” AND DNS Name contains “avlxen” AND DNS Name contains “gvlxa” so I doubt any systems fall into that state. You can’t change the “All” to “Any” and that would change all the filters to be joined by an OR so you’ll probably need to change from using the “DNS Name” property and write that as a relevance expression.


I think I see your point and missed the obvious here. Nothing matches ALL of the parameters I set.
Now I feel stupid :slight_smile:

Will have to rethink this…

I’d probably leave it as “all conditions”, keep the Server’s group, and replace the comoutername clauses with a single relevance clause

(it contains "this" or it contains "that" or it contains "the other") of (computer name as lowercase)

What appears to be working is -

I changed Include computers with to “any” and removed the Servers group.
All I have left now is the Contains with the keywords and it appears to be working correctly.


It might actually be better to create an automatic group that contains all computers with the particular Citrix applications installed. That way if you add a new computer in the future and add the Citrix components, then it will automatically join the group. Same if you uninstall the applications, then it would be removed.

You can also tag computers to specify that they should be, or should become Citrix servers, and then if a server isn’t in the automatic group of configured citrix servers, but it is tagged that it should be, then you can run automation to make it so automatically.

I really like to create helpful automatic groups which computers will join automatically based upon their inherent properties, like these examples: bigfix-content/AutomaticComputerGroups at main · jgstew/bigfix-content · GitHub

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