Automatic Group based on Manual Group Membership


First, thank you to all the contributing members for the great content.

I searched but was unable to find an answer or similar problem.

I created manual groups for patch management. For example:
Servers Week 1
Servers Week 2

I have an automated group called Patch Management - Unassigned which checks Group Membership - is not a member of - and list all the manual patch management groups.

This works well for the most part, except of around 1000 computers, maybe 30-40 remain in the automatic group even though they have been assigned to the manual group. I made sure the manual group is specified in the details of the automatic group, and there are other computers in the manual group that do not remain in the automatic group. I tried removing and readding the computer to the manual group but it still remains in the automatic, unassigned group.

Has anyone ever encountered this or have any suggestions? Thanks very much.